Southeast Michigan favorites Chris DuPont and Kylee Phillips met a decade ago at a Tree Town Sound radio appearance for Ann Arbor’s 107.1 and have been fans of each other’s writing ever since. In the summer of 2021, after countless path crossings, Chris and Kylee finally learned each other’s material and discovered an incredible vocal blend and stage synergy. As word spread, they co-headlined nationally treasured folk venue The Ark in August 2022, and were a featured artist at the 2022 E-Bird and Friends Holiday Show. They both released solo EPs in the fall of 2023, with a duo release slated for April 2024.


Chris DuPont is a Michigan native tunesmith, endlessly reimagining the indie/folk paradigm. With an unmistakable ethereal tenor, diverse guitar work, and a taste for the cinematic, DuPont steers the classic eloquence and lyricism of 70’s Americana into the iridescent haze of dream pop.

The unassuming vulnerability and intense presence of DuPont’s live performances have grown a dedicated following in the midwest and beyond, cementing him as a staple figure in Michigan’s folk scene. After years refining his craft through touring on his albums Outlier (hailed by music critics as a life affirming devastator) and Live in A2 (an award-winning love letter to Southeast Michigan), Chris returned to the writing table to create his most captivating and unflinching work to date, the LP Floodplains. This record became Chris’ pandemic passion project as the world closed down and made the production process solitary by necessity. The music that emerged is a sonic exploration of dream-state, lineage, personal upheaval, and re-grounding.


Kylee Phillips is a singer-songwriter and a proud Michigan native. With roots firmly planted in pop music and lyrics that are deeply personal and self-revelatory, she has crafted a sound that is simultaneously ear catching and cause for introspection. A songwriter first and foremost, for Phillips everything hinges on the catharsis and connection that occurs when someone shares their story, even (or especially) the ugly parts.

On her latest EP (released in October 2023) she has taken several years of personal struggle and growth and crafted a collection of songs that feel personal yet universal, with a flare for the dramatic. These songs are about some of the most painful experiences of my life, but it feels really redemptive to have turned those into the cinematic pop record of my dreams.

Special Guest

Max Lockwood

Songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and poet Max Lockwood has a sound rooted in songcraft and heartfelt lyricism. His music is a unification of rock & roll with folk and pop. With full arrangements and rich, poetic lyrics Max creates deep, sonic landscapes that reveal truths of love, adversity, growth. The intertwined essences bring a thoughtful and fresh new take on the singer-songwriter genre. Max channels the flair of Tom Petty and the eloquence of the Beat Generation’s finest to create his distinctive sound. His powerful voice, akin to Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen, draws listeners in with its raw emotion. Max tells a story with each song with rich, vulnerable tones and unbridled spirit. When Max Lockwood sings, he captures the attention of any crowd. Max Lockwood’s debut record, “Outrider”, served as his creative writing thesis at the University of Michigan. In 2019, Max released his self-titled sophomore album which Max describes as “pop-sensible” referring to the full and thoughtfully composed arrangements that reflect a refined maturity. The 'Max Lockwood' album is lush, featuring vocals from Lindsay Lou and Sam Cooper. Both albums hold true to the singer-songwriter approach with thoughtfully vulnerable lyrics. Max is also the front man for The Insiders, a Michigan-based Tom Petty tribute. He plays bass with one of folk’s most-loved songbirds, May Erlewine. Max resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he is continuously writing and growing as a music educator.

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